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Recommeded for medium budget events or shows ($750-$2,500)

If you're looking to hire and book top comedy acts and stand-up comedians for private performances, special corporate entertainment events, private party, fund raiser, college festivals, REQUEST A QUOTE TODAY using our submission form here >>


We produce and book for comedy shows and TV productions and work with many professional comics.  As bookers, we've got several nationally known TV comics on our roster who have been on Last Comic Standing, Dave Letterman, Jay Leno, Howard Stern, Comedy Central, MTV, HBO, Cruise Ships, Concert Events, Atlantic City, Mohegan Sun, and Las Vegas.

We've produced more shows for Churches, Jewish Center Temples and Non-Profit Organization events and fund raisers than anyone in the area.  We've got more experience!  The NY Hysterical Society also runs a Stand Up Comedy School and has exclusive access to hundreds of NYC-based comics.  We're more than happy to supply you with incredible reviews from every type of event. We take our business and serving you very seriously and want to provide you with an unforgettable comedy show for your event and audience members.


You Get a Hilarious Comedy Night, plus the following bonuses:

  • FREE Flyer/Poster Design
  • FREE Webpage Design with your PayPal Account for Online Tix Sales
  • FREE Fundraiser/Event Guidelines & Checklist Manual (Download Now >)
  • $100 Coupon for your next event (inside manual)



Your eyes are reading this title correctly. It does say Borscht "Belch" Tour. A large bowl of Borscht tends to make you burp, and since we're bringing back the Jewish humor of the Catskills, our title is appropriately named, The Borscht Belch Tour - A 'Repeat' Performance.


In tribute to the Borscht Belt, a time and place long gone, The New York Hysterical Society has collected some of the funniest Jewish Comedians working today throughout the NYC area to bring back to life the "Shticky" humor that was the mainstay at the Catskill Mountains during the 1940s through the 1970s.

In their heyday, comedians such Milton Berle, George Burns, Red Buttons, Sid Caesar, Shecky Greene, Buddy Hackett, Henny Youngman, and so many more, performed at well-known resorts including Brickman's, Brown's, The Concord, Grossinger's, Granit, the Heiden Hotel, Irvington, Kutsher's Hotel and Country Club, the Nevele, Friar Tuck Inn, The Laurels Hotel and Country Club, The Pines Resort, Raleigh, the Overlook, the Tamarack Lodge, Stevensville and the Windsor.

Our Troupe of Comedians includes:

  • Jessica Kirson
  • Bernie Fursh
  • Rob Falcone
  • Doug Adler
  • Harris Bloom

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John Garrett
Content: Corporate Comedy

Audiences across the country find that John Garrett is the "adorably obnoxious" guy they wish they had in their boring office, unless of course you were his manager. Having worked in a cubicle for many years, John knows exactly how to relate to corporate audiences. This former CPA combines clean stand-up comedy with an interactive game show using members from your audience. John has been heard on The Bob & Tom Radio Network, opened for Louie Anderson at resort casinos, and named "Best of the Fest" at The Detroit International Comedy Festival and his CD plays on Sirius|XM Satellite Radio.

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A Sales Boot Camp Tour
Content: A Sales Boot Camp Tour

The NY Hysterical Society offers a corporate and sales package for your meetings or conventions. We can provide you with a keynote speaker who will discuss the utilization of humor in every day life, business and sales. Our five hour sales workshop empowers sales teams with improvisational, creative and communications tools. The workshop is interactive, and requires participation of all attendees. Ask us for a meeting to discuss the details of the workshop and presentations. The Corporate Comedy Tour features Comedian Headliner Jessica Kirson, who's professional background in psychology, sales and comedy offers a treasure of experience. She instructs improvisational techniques to keep salespeople on their toes. Bernie Furshpan has professional backgrounds in healthcare, sales and public speaking. Bernie has trained thousands of practitioners and para-professionals in sales, communications and marketing. Together, they provide a powerhouse workshop and seminar to motivate and enlighten sales, middle and upper management teams.


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Jewish Comedy Tour
Content: The Jewish Comedy Tour

The JCT is tour consisting of a 1:30 hour show, with headliner Jessica Kirson. In addition, Bernie Fursh hosts the show and brings up quickly rising stars in Jewish Comedy. You can book this show for organization, temple, JCC, and college. Great show for a roast, private party, benefit, fundraiser. For several thousand years of oppression, nothing brings the funny like coping with shared misery. Jewish humor is a revival of a style of comedy that was based entirely on suffering… Jews have always been really good at making suffering funny, whether it’s about the cruelty of a people or an appalling piece of sturgeon. American Jewish humor started in NYC at the Yiddish Theater on Second Ave. The jokes were about the anxiety of being a greenhorn with an old world accent. It was in the fifties when self-effacement and self abasement, paranoia, pessimism and the dread of being conspicuous were defined as the cornerstones of Jewish humor. So we decided we don’t want to give up the suffering... it seems to be working for us. So that’s why we’re doing this.

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Laugh in Peace Comedy Tour
Content: Laugh in Peace Comedy Tour

There’s a reason why XM and Sirius satellite radio play Rabbi Bob Alper’s bits several times daily, often sandwiched between Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby: Bob’s unique background…he’s an ordained rabbi who served congregations for fourteen years and holds a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary…prepared him well for a twenty-year comedy career with wonderfully unique material presented in a way that’s intelligent, sophisticated, and 100% clean. Audiences adore him, from an SRO crowd at the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival to a standing ovation before 2,700 people at New York’s famed Chautauqua Institution. He’s even appeared at The Hollywood IMPROV. Bob performs all across North America and England, at corporate events, theatres, non-profits, conventions, private parties, churches, and, naturally, synagogues. And he’s done over 100 shows with his Arab and Muslim comedy partners, at a variety of venues, but primarily colleges and universities.

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Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour
Content: The Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour

The Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour is a group of dedicated stand up comedians who have teamed up with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to aid them in their fight to end breast cancer forever. To do this we are producing world class comedy shows all over the country to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and spread awareness of the importance of early detection. If you represent a women's organization or club and looking for a hilarious evening for a charitable event, this is it. The Tour features the hilarious comedy of Kevin Richards, Nick Hoff, Brendan T. Gleason, and Law Smith.

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The Geek Comedy Tour
Content: The Geek Comedy Tour

"Comedy that KNOWS Han shot first." The Geek Comedy Tour is a collective of the funniest stand-up comedians from the Washington DC area. Each one is an experienced comic, having performed at bars, clubs, and colleges all over the East Coast. Telling their normal jokes to normal audiences but all of that was about to change. There was something amiss. For you see, they were all gigantic dorks, and comedy club crowds don't fully appreciate jokes about comic books, anime, and video games. So, they've decided to let their freak flag fly, form together, and bring their geek jokes to the horde that needs them most. Since their formation two years ago, The Geek Comedy Tour has performed at a variety of venues, from anime conventions, college shows, and even the grand opening of a comic shop! The Tour features the comedy of Chris Barylick, Joe Deeley, James Jones, Jimmy Merritt, Evan Valentine, and Jake Young.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Irish Comedy Tour
Content: The Irish Comedy Tour

American comics of Irish descent along with a musician that, with a little leprechaun magic, can turn a comedy club into a Public House. Featuring the comedy of Derek Richards and Mike McCarthy along with the music of Pat Godwin and Jim Paquette. They're not a group of comics off the boat from Ireland. Their shows have been formed through their Irish heritage and their American upbringing. If you're expecting a bunch of paddy comics doing material about the plight of County Cork, then stay home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Patriot Tour
Content: Military, Colleges, First Responders, Patriotic Comedy Show

This comedy tour is designed to benefit the military and first responders. A revival of patriotism and love of country has prompted the creation of The Patriot Tour, and is a perfect fit for the college campus or a community event. The production is a patriotic evening with a color guard, bag piper, and audience participation. The comedians in the group are retired FBI agent, Joe Pistone who is the real life "Donnie Brasco". The movie "Donnie Brasco" has become a college cult movie and his appearance - which includes a private reception - is guaranteed to fill the seats.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Young American Comedy Tour
Content: The Young American Comedy Tour

The Young American Comedy tour is quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town. With sell out crowds from Tempe to Atlantic City, this show is on fire. The tour is selling out everywhere and the reason is simple. A mix of the hottest up and coming headliners in the game now share the same bill. The Tour features Bert Kreisher, Steve Byrne, Sebastian Maniscalo, Bret Ernst, Mike Young, and Butch Bradley.

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Recommeded for organization, corporate, or private events with a large budget ($5,000 and up)
Comedian Stars who have pioneered their brand of humor and had their own TV and/or Las Vegas shows >>
Recommeded for medium budget events or shows ($750-$2,500)
Seen on MTV, VH1, Letterman, Leno, HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime, Last Comic Standing, etc. >>
Recommended for small budget events or shows ($250-$1500)
Perform in comedy clubs regularly, local TV credits and college performances >>
Hypnotist, Magician, Ventriloquist, Musical
Recommeded for medium budget events or shows ($750-$2,500)
Perform at local clubs, special events, private parties, casinos >>
Recommeded for small budget events or shows ($250-$1,500)
Perform in comedy clubs regularly, local TV credits and college performances >>
Recommeded for medium budget events or shows ($750-$2,500)
Perform at local clubs, special events, private parties, casinos >>

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